Dear members of the Debian JavaScript team,

Please Cc: me since I am not (yet) subscribed to the list.

I proposed recently to package mdpress, after RFP bug #692864. It is a
Ruby tool to make HTML5 presentations using impress.js library.

The current code contains convenience copies of impress.js and
highlight.js. Since these libraries may be useful elsewhere, I should
certainly package them, but since I am new to JavaScript packaging (and
JavaScript in general), I thought it would be better to have them
maintained by a team. 
If you agree, could you accept my a request to join your team on Alioth?

I may need advice about current best practice in your team. I found the 
Debian JavaScript Policy on the wiki
which is a starting point.

The first questions I have are about non minified JavaScript libraries.
Impress.js does not ship any minified version. Should I provide one?
What is the prefered tool to create one?

Thank you in advance!



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