Quoting Maximiliano Curia (2012-11-24 13:49:30)
> I'm not sure how to build [SWF] files, and the list of md5sums in the
> yuilibrary page suggests that it's not expected that users build those.
> The build process of yui deletes the distributed swf files, and generates
> them again. But it doesn't rebuild the "charts.swf" file.

Beware that commonly upstream do not distinguish between 
(re)distributors and (end-)users.

Debian Policy mandates that we compile from (true!) source, no matter if 
upstream encourages that or not.

> Not generating the charts.swf file is a real security issue, since 
> this file is bundled in other packages (icinga-web and glpi), which 
> include the swf listed as version 2.8.2.

Convenience copies of code from other upstream projects should always be 
reported to the security team, not only _when_ it becomes a security 
issue: please report above ones to the security team!

> It would be a really good idea to build charts.swf from source, but 
> I'm not sure how to do it.

Neither am I, but I know that Debian contains some SWF compilers...

 - Jonas

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