Dear JavaScript team members,

I would like to kindly ask you to review my first two JavaScript
packages to see if they are conform to what is expected. Those are
dependencies of a Ruby tool, mdpress, used to create presentations from
Markdown files.

The two packages are:

- impress.js
   This one is very simple, and I hope I got it right (at least almost).

- highlight.js
   Here I am less confident, especially about the node-highlight binary
   package: I ensured that I install the same files as what I would get
   from the command 'npm install highlight.js'. However, since I am
   illiterate in nodejs business, I could not check if it was going to
   work right. In particular would the .css files shipped in the
   libjs-highlight package be useful for the nodejs-highlight package?

   Also would you recommend to build the documentation? what would be
   the name of the -doc package?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

The packages can be found in the team repository:



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