On 08/01/13 21:59, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Agustin Henze (2013-01-09 00:55:55)
>> About the policy, I think that can 
>> add an item for libjs-jquery. Something like:
>>  *if the library is a jquery utility, the binary package name must be 
>> called libjs-jquery-foo, and the source package name should be called 
>> jquery-foo;
> Sounds fine with me - what do others think?

:), then directly edit the wiki?

>> Another question, Do I have permission to commit in the repository? 
>> For add a new source to the jquery-goodies source package, commit my 
>> changes directly or ...? Sorry, do not know how is the workflow that I 
>> should follow.
> As member of the team you have write access to the repository, so should 
> be able to create new gits yourself.  We do not have any strong policy 
> on workflow, but if you want to avoid wasted effort do coordinate ahead 
> with those you will be teaming up with.  I mean, I use CDBS and it would 
> be wasted effort to do fancy short-form dh tricks if you plan on working 
> with me on some packages - and opposite for others, I guess.

Ok, thanks Jonas


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