Quoting David I. Lehn (2013-01-16 01:12:17)
> I would also like to see nodejs updated and have been working on it a 
> bit.

We all would like to see Nodejs updated.

> I'm kind of amazed that anyone would have to justify upgrading an 
> ancient release because obviously it has to been done at some point.

Noone has to justify.  It will happen - that's not the point here.

> Sooner rather than later I say.  My reasons are performance and newer 
> APIs and docs:

Performance is nice, but ranks as a feature (it is not a bug that 
current packaged Nodejs is slower than has since proven possible).

Changed API may break existing packages currently in Debian.  I do agree 
that those packages should then be upgraded as well, but "working code" 
is of higher concern to me than "shiny code".

That said, I do appreciate your input, David: not commenting on the rest 
simply means I have no comments on those parts - I expect it to be 
valuable input for Jérémy.

> How can I help get this update to happen?  I say getting ready to 
> update to 0.10.x when it comes out is a good target.

Sounds like it would be great if you could join the team and work 
directly on (branches of) our canonical packaging git.

But really I am the wrong one to judge that, as Jérémy is doing all the 
hard work on these packages.

@Jérémy: What do you say - you want a co-maintainer?

 - Jonas

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