Quoting Daniel Pocock (2013-02-23 22:59:05)
> Thanks for adding me to the group

Welcome to the team, Daniel :-)

> I'm planning to upload packages of the two main WebRTC clients, SIPml5 
> and JsSIP
> I haven't done any JavaScript packaging before so any feedback is 
> welcome
> I'm also working on the server-side infrastructure for WebRTC to come
> into Debian:
> http://www.resiprocate.org/WebRTC_and_SIP_Over_WebSockets

Sounds great!

Generally I suggest to look at existing packages and follow how they are 

Feel free to ask questions.  Also feel free to simply wonder loudly, 
even if not really questions - our team Policy is still pretty loose, 
e.g. we have no rules for handling versioning or placement of 
non-JavaScript files like CSS, and it won't hurt to try raise such 

> Also, I notice that git SCM wasn't enabled in alioth, so I enabled it. 
> Now it displays a link to
> http://alioth.debian.org/scm/browser.php?group_id=100128
> and doesn't easily let people browse all the repos

As I understand it, the Alioth interface is crappy and only provides 
interface for a single git repository, not a pile of them as we need.  
If I am right in that, I strongly recommend to *not* enable the VCS in 
the Alioth interface.

Also, I prefer to use collab-maint and only use this team at Alioth for 
our mailinglist.  The reason for that is to make it easiest possible for 
DDs to contribute (because all DDs are by default member of 
collab-maint).  I find that easing access for DDs outweigh making it 
easiest possible for non-DDs to contribute (they need to first become 
member of our team and then ask for additional membership of 

I have heard rumors that it should be possible to ask the Alioth admins 
to mark our SCM area as automatically including all DDs just as the 
collab-maint does, but I have not checked if that is indeed possible.

Do anyone in this team object to grant access to all DDs to our SCM? If 
not, do someone volunteer to figure out if it is possible?

> Furthermore, when I was added to the group, I notice alioth didn't 
> automatically add me to the UNIX group scm_pkg-javascript - maybe this 
> is because the SCM tool wasn't enabled at the time I was added.  
> Anyhow, I've raised a ticket for the alioth support group to check my 
> permissions.

Maybe just a matter of time.  Some ACL-related stuff is applied by CRON 

 - Jonas

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