On Wednesday 13 March 2013 16:13:41 Jérémy Lal wrote:
> i'm not that happy with these commits : as you have noticed npm needs
> dfsg-repackaging, and it was a good occasion to exclude all node_modules.
> I would have really appreciated you did the same with that upstream update.

To fix the mess I've made, I propose to put back the branches master, upstream 
and pristine-tar to the  point before I merged npm. 

In other words, in each of these branch, I've done *in my repo*:
- git checkout <last_good_commit>
- git checkout -B master  (or upstream, or pristine-tar)

Once I push this on alioth, you should be able to resume usual work. 

The stuff I did should go in unnamed barnches. You will be able to cherry-pick 
the modif I made regarding obsolete patches.

Jeremy, is this fine with you ? Or is there a better way to fix this ?

All the best

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