Quoting Daniel Kahn Gillmor (2013-03-26 18:25:04)
> hi debian javascript folks--
> I'm about to try to take on #693884 to package Trent Richardson's 
> jQuery UI timepicker addon.
> i've just subscribed to the javascript maintainers team, and i'm 
> afraid i don't have the time to help out with other js packages, but i 
> would be happy to include this new package under the pkg-javascript 
> team umbrella if y'all are interested.  I've just applied for team 
> membership via the alioth interface.
> I'm hoping to place the new packaging into a git repository on alioth 
> (in addition to my personal git repos) so that anyone who wants to fix 
> my bugs can do so easily :P
> Any suggestions or guidance or best practices for this jquery plugin 
> would be very much appreciated.

You are quite welcome, Daniel, also caring just for a single package!

I suggest using either our Alioth area or collab-maint - personally I 
prefer collab-maint but we have no strong opinions on that (that I know 
of, at least).

  - Jonas

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