Package: libjs-flot
Version: 0.7+dfsg-2
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What's New in 0.8?

Time series improvements: Support for time series has been moved into a plugin,
jquery.flot.time.js, and a new axis option "timezone" controls the time zone in
which dates are displayed.

Canvas text: A new plugin, jquery.flot.canvas.js, renders axis tick labels
directly to the canvas, rather than using HTML elements, making it much easier
to save entire plots as images.

Plotting categories: The new categories plugin makes it easy to plot data that
is grouped into text categories rather than numeric axis values.

Plotting error bars: The new error bars plugin can be used to show standard
deviation and other useful statistical properties.

Support for high-resolution displays: Flot now looks even crisper on the
high-density displays found in many new phones, tablets, and laptops.

Lots of bug fixes: We've fixed over a hundred bugs, resolving long-standing
issues with the pie plugin and cross-browser compatibility, among many others.

Many other enhancements: We've added everything from improved control over the
grid's appearance to legend sorting to thresholding improvements.
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are incompatible API changes that may need to be documented.

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