Hi all,

I have just realized that all my js related packages in NEW have an incorrect versioned Depends: on nodejs.

As I have the 0.10.x version already installed on my local test system, I did not realize that issue during local installation tests.

The issue is / was:

The wiki page Javascript/Policy [1] contained this line...

 * Depends nodejs (>= 0.6.19~dfsg-1-3~)

I have used the above nodejs version as dependency in all Depends: fields. However, I have one package here (node-security) that does not require any non-Debian test dependencies, so I also put nodejs (>= 0.6.19~dfsg-1-3~) into the B-D: field.

My chroot builder (sbuild) then complained about an unsatisfiable build dependency. With a look at all previous nodejs versions on snapshot.d.o the conclusion is: the wiki page has a wrong nodejs dependency on it. I have just fixed that by changing the line quoted above to:

 * Depends nodejs (>= 0.6.19~dfsg1-3~)

(dfsg-1 -> dfsg1).

I will upload -2 revisions of all packages in NEW asap. That will be not before tonight and maybe only on Sunday/Monday.


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/Javascript/Policy


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