This is mostly a follow-up of [0] wrt. libuv packaging.
libuv is currently developed alongside nodejs, but a number of other
frameworks/languages (eg. rust and julia) are using and embedding it.

I'm currently interested in trying to remove the embedded copy from
rust before uploading, and I noticed that libuv started doing 
releases [1].

As such I'm going to open an ITP for libuv, and David Paleino
suggested me to keep it within the js-team similarly to libv8.
I've just joined the ML and sent a request for the alioth group; 
if nobody complains I'm going to fill the ITP and start working 
on it in the following days. Feel free to join this :)

Cheers, Luca

[1] https://github.com/joyent/libuv/issues/354

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