Hello everybody

I just joined that list.

I already pointed out that apache version 2.4 is in unstable.

This results in package javascript-common being useless in unstable
(see #710475) since apache2/conf.d/ is now ignored.

Marcelo Jorge Vieira is now reviewing a full bunch of patches I suggest

The problem is that we have a 5 year old RC bug in that package: Some
people are complaining that /javascript url might be in use in userspace,
so that javascript-common might break these.

That issue must be solved now!

First, I'd like to merge bugs #474913 and #553173: One bug is about apache
and the other about lighttpd. That fact that /javascript url might or not
be reserved should be addressed globally IMHO, this is independant of which
server is installed. What do you think of that proposal?

Then, we must make a choice whether to use /javascript url or not.
  $ apt-rdepends -r -f Depends,PreDepends,Recommends javascript-common | grep 
'^[^ ]' | sort -
yields a very impressive list of packages. Many of these do assume
/usr/share/javascript is available at /javascript url.
Changing that looks unreasonable.

Do you know any package that is actually broken by /javascript url being used
by Debian?

One could argue that if the user don't want that url, it can change the config
file in /etc, couldn't he?

Another solution would be to use debconf to prompt the user (priority low I
suppose). But then, many many packages might want to read that settings to
patch their urls. This looks insane to me.

What do you think would be the best way to unblock javascript-common package?

-- Jean-Michel Vourgère

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