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> I just joined that list.


> Marcelo Jorge Vieira is now reviewing a full bunch of patches I 
> suggest https://github.com/nirgal/javascript-common

Please beware that use of less free services like Github may discourage 
some collaboration.  I recommend to move Debian work to Alioth instead.

> The problem is that we have a 5 year old RC bug in that package: Some 
> people are complaining that /javascript url might be in use in 
> userspace, so that javascript-common might break these.
> That issue must be solved now!

I disagree: only the severe parts of that bug needs addressing urgently 
- i.e. the reasons listed at http://bugs.debian.org/474913#42 for 
relaxing the Apache clone of the bug.

> First, I'd like to merge bugs #474913 and #553173: One bug is about 
> apache and the other about lighttpd. That fact that /javascript url 
> might or not be reserved should be addressed globally IMHO, this is 
> independant of which server is installed. What do you think of that 
> proposal?

Those bugs are of different severity for good reason.  Before merging, 
the severe part of bug#474913 should be first split out.  Even when 
that's done the remaining bugs can be solved independently.

Only reason I see to merge is to hide the details in order to rush more 
than necessary.

> Then, we must make a choice whether to use /javascript url or not.

I find it better that we discuss the bugs via the bugreports instead.

>   $ apt-rdepends -r -f Depends,PreDepends,Recommends javascript-common | grep 
> '^[^ ]' | sort -
> yields a very impressive list of packages. Many of these do assume 
> /usr/share/javascript is available at /javascript url. Changing that 
> looks unreasonable.

That's a reason to not rush resolutions to the URL path bug which is 
independent from Apache snippet change bugs even if somewhat related.

> What do you think would be the best way to unblock javascript-common 
> package?

To address only the severe part of bug#474913, and then lower severity.

Or even better to split the parts, and solve the severe one.

 - Jonas

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