On Monday 26 August 2013 14:07:39 pourr...@kiao.net wrote:
> I spent hours searching why my javascript was not working on my new 
> server! :-/
> 4 years after the first message, this bug is still here???
> Please do something, this is easy!


The only purpose of javascript-common is to expose /javascript url namespace.
So what you ask is not a trivial matter for that specific package! :)

Please note some improvement, hence the decrease of severity:
You can use "a2disconf javascript-common" to disable the /javascript url.
Your choice will then be preserved after upgrades and reinstallations.

If you don't like the fact that system javascript is available at /javascript,
you can also change the address in
to whatever you like.

Do note, however, that this might break other packages that expect the
javascript at that location.

You say this is easy? What do you suggest should be done?

Do you really need to install that package if you don't want what it does?

If you are using a virtualhost, your alias should have precedence. Can you
describe your settings more precisely? Do you have a problem with another
package, or is that some home brew settings?

-- Nirgal

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