On 02/09/2013 09:08, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am currently packaging nan [1]. The nan project is no real node-*
> project per se, it rather is a single header (.h) file.
> From the README.md: compiling ,,native addons [...] happily across
> versions, particularly 0.10 to 0.11/0.12, is a minor nightmare. The
> goal of this project is to store all logic necessary to develop
> native Node.js addons without having to inspect NODE_MODULE_VERSION
> and get yourself into a macro-tangle.''
> The NPM mechanism install the nan.h file into the same folder as the
> index.js file. For Debian, however, this feels wrong. I'd appreciated
> if any of the more experienced Javascript people could take a look
> and advise me on this. Thanks!!!

Interesting, and related somehow to my previous post on this list.
I imagine that you need <nan.h> at build-time, so shipping the header
to /usr/include/nan.h in a devel package seems reasonable.


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