Quoting Colin Watson (2013-10-04 17:34:19)
> node-bones is present but uninstallable on a number of Debian 
> architectures that lack nodejs.  There is no point shipping it on 
> these architectures, and it introduces noise for anything trying to do 
> dependency consistency checks.
> While it would be possible to fix this by explicitly limiting 
> node-bones' architecture list, this would require keeping that in sync 
> with nodejs over time; so it's better to add an artificial 
> build-dependency on nodejs to ensure that the package will harmlessly 
> enter a dependency-wait state when it isn't available.  You'll 
> probably need to get an ftpmaster to manually remove the old binaries 
> after uploading this.
>   * Artificially build-depend on nodejs, to ensure that this package only
>     builds on architectures where nodejs is available.

Are you sure the package is really shipped on archs that do not include 
the interpreter that the _binary_ package depends on, even though 
_source_ package does not?

As also commented in the related bug#725363, I believe it is filtered 
off by the transition rule for testing, and therefore only is "noisy" in 

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