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> Builds of libuv on kFreeBSD and the Hurd have been failing:

Just to track the status of this:

* 0.10.17-1 is now in sid. This is latest upstream stable release, and
  I consider the package ready for use.

* kfreebsd port is done (thanks to kapouer for the initial patch) at
  Patch not yet upstreamed, a bit more of polishing needed.

* kfreebsd-amd64 builds fine and passes all tests. -i386 builds fine but
  fails in a test with an impossible return value from pthread_create().
  I couldn't reproduce this under gdb in the porterbox.
  This probably means something race-y and a related issues in eglibc,
  I'll ask some helps from porters.

* hurd port is not done. rust, nodejs and julia (main libuv clients)
  won't build there, so I've put this at low priority.
  I won't be working on this, but I'll be happy to help, test and
  integrate any contributed patches.
  libev/libevent (main libuv competitors) are available on hurd, so
  maybe upstream is interested in this for the sake of portability.

Ciao, Luca

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