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Quoting Emilien Klein (2014-01-29 18:34:22)
> 2014-01-27 Jonas Smedegaard <d...@jones.dk>
>> Last call: If noone argues to the contrary, I will promote all team 
>> members to admin status one week from now.
> I have no issues with this. Benefit of SCM is that you could always 
> revert to a previous version, if bad stuff were to happen.

Indeed - that's exactly why treating us all equal in this team makes 
sense to me: maintaining a hierarchy helps less than it risks damaging 
enthusiasm, IMO.

NB! Be cautious _always_ about all code you digest (teams or hierarchies 
or not)!

> The question is what would happen if folks with admin rights would 
> delete entire repositories. Are they backed up somewhere, to be able 
> to revert the bad action?

As you somowhat imply yourself above, the "backup" is the mirroring we 
each have in the form of git clones.  Alioth probably run some backup 
routines too internally, but we shouldn't rely on that IMO.

>> Quoting Jonas Smedegaard (2014-01-02 16:29:30)
>>> Speaking of which:
>>> I have till now mostly used collab-maint instead of our own git area 
>>> to ease contributions from other Debian members.  Alioth now (since 
>>> some time) allows any team to grant write access to all official 
>>> Debian members, similar to the access rights of collab-maint.  Do 
>>> anyone in this team disagree with enabling that additional right to 
>>> our git, or is it ok that I enable it (and start move packages from 
>>> collab-maint to our own git)?
>> I have now granted all DDs write access to our team git repository.
>> I will start move packages there that I have previously maintained at
>> collab-maint, and suggest others to do the same.
> If I understand this correctly, we're talking about moving away from doing
> our SCM work in collab-maint, but I guess I've missed to where we would be
> moving?

To our own pkg-javascript area, like this:



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