Hi team,

2014-02-16 14:50 GMT+01:00 Emilien Klein <emilien+deb...@klein.st>:

> Hi team,
> I've prepared the new version of jquery-lazyload in our team-maintained
> git repo [0].
> Could one of the DDs on the list please upload it to unstable?

Anybody able to upload it to unstable?

> Note: As I was working on a new machine, I hadn't properly set up my local
> repo (didn't checkout the pristine-tar and upstream branches) and messed up
> my repo yesterday. I only realized that while pushing the changes to remote
> repo, when the upstream branch got stuck.
> Since I had created a new upstream branch, I couldn't cleanly merge or
> rebase. And force pushing is not allowed for non-fast-forward.
> To resolve this, I've created a new local repository, set all branches to
> the latest state (commit 6e713ef89 from 2013-02-27), moved the remote
> repository to jquery-lazyload-old.git, and created a new repo with the same
> original name. I've pushed my local repo to that.
> Unless somebody has pulled the changes between yesterday 21:30 +0100 and
> today 10:59 +01:00, you shouldn't even notice anything.
> I will delete the -old repo on 2014-05-01, leaving it there until then in
> the unlikely case somebody would need it.
> Thanks!
>    +Emilien
> [0] git://git.debian.org/pkg-javascript/jquery-lazyload.git
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