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> Hi Emilien,
> Le 21/03/2014 07:45, Emilien Klein a écrit :
>> 2014-03-20 18:32 GMT+01:00 François-Régis <frv-deb...@miradou.com>:
>> Regarding the minifying, I pointed you towards building inside a
>> temporary debian/build folder.
>> Marcelo reviewed my jquery-lazyload package, and his comment was that
>> it's not necessary. He recommends just building inside the root
>> directory, and then clean up [0]. I still think it's best not to mess
>> directly in the root directory, so I've changed my package with an
>> intermediary solution: building inside the debian/directory. That
>> makes it a bit simpler (no need to mkdir the debian/build directory),
>> but still keeps the packaging operations out of the root directory.
>> See my changes [1].
> I've followed the thread, and followed the Marcelo's way for my next
> packages. I've found any policy about this. From my POV it's often
> simpler to build in root directory as cleanup is as simple as rm
> *.min.js, *and* (perhaps more important) debuild will fail on uncomplete
> cleanuo.This may reach (or not) your willing not to mess root directory
> (which I share).

I've found what makes me build not directly in the root directory: the
manpage for dh_install suggest building [large] packages in debian/tmp.
Also, dh_install will fall back to looking in debian/tmp for files, if
it doesn't find them in the current directory.

I agree, it's not a strong policy, but I still think it makes sense.

> This point also on the fact that pkg-javascript has no suggested
> workflow and as I know no dh_helper (compared with pkg-ruby or pkg-php).
> So Marcelo's recommandation goes on the good way to have uniform
> workflow and should be written somwhere (as the recomand to provide
> minify and source version).
> We may have something like :
> * Origin tarball should not include any minify code.
> * Binary package should provide orginal js and minify version
> * Minify should be build inside source root tree
> * dh_auto_clean should remove any minified code in source tree
> This is just the POV of a new contributor of pkg-javascript.

You are correct, the policy could do with some improvement.

>> I'm not saying you need to change your package, this is just meant as
>> informative.
> Seeing the time needed to have comments and upload on pkg-javascript, I
> prefer to keep it on... May be I'm wrong and it's better to make noise
> on the list to be heard ?
>> Regarding the removal of the minified files: that is done to comply
>> with the DFSG, as minified files are assimilated to compiled objects,
>> not source code. As Debian requires the source to be provided, not the
>> compiled binaries, the minified files must be removed fromt the
>> upstream tarball. But that also means you must repackage the tarball,
>> and you need to indicate -dfsg in the package version. I don't think
>> you've taken these steps yet (and I need to do it as well for
>> jquery-lazyload). See Marcelo's example [2].
> This is now (and was not) definitely clear for me. In the case of
> jquery-coolfildsetn I have'nt seen any other way than taking over
> upstream so I've removed any mified code...

The general idea is that you would have a get-orig-source target in
d/rules that downloads the tarball, makes is compliant with DFSG, and
recreate a new tarball. That is the tarball that will be used to rebuild
the packages in the archive, or that will be downloaded by `apt-get
source`. See the previously mentioned example from Marcelo.
This is not specific to your package, and in fact not general to
javascript packages, but general DFSG process.


>> Let us know if this is unclear.
> If anyone can clearify the above questions, you're welcome
> Thank's again Emilien and Marcelo for tour reviews

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