Jonas Smedegaard <> writes:

> DFSG #2:
> > The program must include source code, and must allow distribution in 
> > source code as well as compiled form.
> I believe the term "source code" is in Debian generally interpreted as 
> "preferred form of modification".

(That should be “preferred form of the work for modifying it”. I don't
know what “form of modification” would be.)

> You may disagree with that interpretation, but that's where you should
> then argue your case - not at definition of "minification" or
> "compilation".

Indeed. Any transformation – minification, obfuscation, compilation,
encryption, etc. – which makes a form of the work which is not the
preferred form of the work for modifying that work, thereby makes a
non-source form of the work.

So the distinction being discussed is source versus non-source form of
the work.

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