2014-03-29 9:57 GMT+01:00 Emilien Klein <emilien+deb...@klein.st>:
> I feel we are stuck. In the intent to bring this discussion to a
> close, would you strongly disagree if I ask the question on the -devel
> mailing list?

Let me rephrase that:
I will send a draft of the email on our js mailing list, presenting
both sides on this question.
All will have a say to make this better, and then I'll send it to -devel.

I'll likely have some time this afternoon.

> I feel it would be beneficial (regardless of the way in which the
> discussion goes there) to include developers that might have a broader
> view of the landscape, maybe a bit less down into the specifics of js
> packaging as we are. We can then record the final decision on our
> policy page and close out this time-consuming discussion.
> Have a great Saturday!
>    +Emilien

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