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Le 04/04/2014 00:02, Emilien Klein a écrit :
> 2014-04-03 23:52 GMT+02:00 François-Régis <frv-deb...@miradou.com>:
>> Le 03/04/2014 22:46, Emilien Klein a écrit :
>>> 2014-04-01 23:08 GMT+02:00 François-Régis <frv-deb...@miradou.com>:
>>>> I've pushed jquery-simpletreemenu on anonscm [1], could someone have a
>>>> look at it and tell me how horrible it is ?
>>> - d/copyright:
>>>   * inconsistent name of upstream contact (Freytag vs. Freitag).
>>> According to github, it's "Simon Freytag"
>> You're right, done.
>>>   * Include upstream email address as part of Upstream-Contact (from
>>> his website: si...@freytag.org.uk)
>> Did'nt find it, thank you, done.
> Great.
> As a side note, regarding the discussion around the copyright file in
> general, since the use of that format is optional anyway, I guess this
> is indeed more of a best-practice approach (standardized way to find
> the upstream maintainer's name and contact details) should someone
> need to get in touch with him/her. But that's thus likely also open to
> interpretation, so don't take that as word of law.

I was writing a response but short story : french law does'nt accept you
to give up your authoring on anything but you can give up or sell any
use of it.

In fact the french law is ; whatever you might have say, signed
contracted or whatever, you're still the author. And depending on what
you have authored, you can claim to the respect of your work.

As the common practice is to put the debian packaging stuff under the
same licence as upstream, adding the packager name in copyright has no
effect regarding french law.

>>>   * you have to mention the copyright on the debian/* files (you can
>>> use same-as-upstream, but have to list yourself as copyright holder)
>> See next mail.

> (you might already have seen my response to David)

Next mail was not supposed to be this on but it is

>>>   * Upstream-Name is incorrect (likely "Simple Tree Menu")
>> You're (again) right, my Upstream-Name is wrong. What induce you to
>> propose "Simple Tree Menu" ? Would'nt be better to take the github name:
>> "Simple-Tree-Menu" ?
> Simple Tree Menu is the name that is used at all the places on the
> upstream website:
> http://www.freytag.org.uk/html/stm/index.html
> I suspect the dashes in the github repository name is because you
> can't create a repo name containing spaces?

I don't know if it's possible,but in fact I don't know what should be
the upstream name.

>>> - d/upstream-changelog: the file ends with "Version 1.5.0: Moved to
>>> github, effectively ending this changelog; changes will now just be
>>> the [git log]"
>>> Do you plan to update it with the actual git log? Otherwise I'm not
>>> sure this file brings much benefit in including in the Debian package,
>>> as it will only be a forever outdated changelog.
>> I've just added this file to have sort of history before github, it's
>> not intended to be updated as upstream shows they will not maintain
>> further changelog.
> I assume (might be wrong) that the benefit of having a changelog file
> included in the Debian package is for Debian users to be able to
> review what changed in the e.g. latest version. I assume there is only
> very limited advantage in what changed 2 years before the package was
> even included in the Debian archive?

Honnestly I don't know...

>> Thanks Emilien, it's always a pleasure to read youre reviews.
> I'm still pretty new to reviewing, but I guess it's as good as any
> other way to contribute to making Debian the best possible ;)

It's always benefit to have review and perhaps fresher are better...



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