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Hi Mike,

I have seen your ITP on node-socketio, are you still interested in ?

I have also seen your attention to "options" project:

Which still not has a "release" tag.

How would you like to proceed in this case?

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I am still busy with providing the series of MATE packages in Debian, so javascript packaging has become a lower priority at the moment. I still would love to see etherpad-lite being a package that is available in Debian jessie.

The packages node-socket(|.)io and node-socket(|.)io-client and several others are a dependency of etherpad-lite, so I welcome anyone who takes over that task. Feel free to change ownership of my ITP(s) and go ahead with the work.

With the upstream guy providing options.js, I feel clueless. We could use their git commit messages and the npm package as hint for the actual upstream version and package a Git snapshot (e.g. 0.0.5+gitYYYYMMDD~<githash>) or we are more script and package it without an upstream version (e.g. as 0+gitYYYYMMDD~<githash>). My preference is the first approach.

I have a similar non-reactivity issue with the guy providing require-kernel.js [1]. For require-kernel.js, I need upstream to provide the exact license text, but my issue report [2] stays unanswered. (Maybe a pull request would help in the case of require-kernel.js).


[1] https://github.com/cweider/require-kernel
[2] https://github.com/cweider/require-kernel/issues/3

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