Hi Mike!

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On 6 May 2014 16:57, Mike Gabriel <mike.gabr...@das-netzwerkteam.de> wrote:
> On  Di 06 Mai 2014 16:46:15 CEST, Leo Iannacone wrote:
>> could I work on node-commander importing latest release?

That's great! :)

I will work on..

> Please do! May I ask what you are aiming at with all that heavy packaging
> activity? If you need a sponsor, ping me!

As I already said, I would like have Mocha (and other test-suits) in Debian...

Now, let's talk about test suits:

What's the main difference between npm and apt?
AFAIU, the first one permits to have/install more than one version of
packageX, while apt can only install (by default) the latest version
of a package.

So... what's happen when a module_X depends on a module_Y (version
1.0) and module_Y get a release (major) upgrade? We can't know..
unless if we tries to automatically do some check, maybe during
re-builds, having tests enabled for package.

After some search I have seen that most test frameworks used are:
 * Mocha
 * Should
 * NodeUnit
 * Expresso
 * jsUnit
 * Jasmine

So.. I'm trying to achieve this: enable tests during node-* packages
build phase in order to discover anomalies and help upstream to keep
their projects update with dependencies new releases.

Does this sound reasonable to your old_contributor ears or I am
wasting my (and yours) time?


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