Hi all,

npm2deb uses a centralized sort-of database to trace some information
about tough node modules.

In details, at runtime, npm2deb downloads and parses this wiki page
[0], trying to get info from the JSON nestled in '{{{ }}}'.

For instance, try to run this:
 $  npm2deb depends wsend

wsends depends on through, and you will be warned about:
Warnings occured:
 [warning] through: through2 is better maintained, see node-jsonstream
for a patch

This should encourage developers to do not go crazy and, moreover, do
not repeat same error already did by someone else.

What I am asking here is: "Please, help on populating and keeping
updated that page".

It could be really useful if you all report info about anomalies you
spotted in your packages, specifying, as reported in that page, one of
the three levels of 'warnings': error, warning, info.

Note that packages with no 'warning' message (like coffee-script and
uglify-js) are just considered as a link (map) between the npm
module-name and debian package-name.

All the best,


[0] - https://wiki.debian.org/Javascript/Nodejs/Database

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