Quoting Leo Iannacone (2014-05-08 15:44:45)
> I have prepared node-expect.js[0].
> But I have some doubt about ..
> This module is not only for node.js module, but can be used also as 
> simple javascript in a browser (tested and it works).
> So... should we provide also a libjs-expect.js package ?
> If yes.. in this package should I make a link to node-module-file or 
> copy the file in usr/share/javascript ?
> Right now I have only node-expect.js and I did this in debian files:
> debian/control:
> Package: node-expect.js
> Provides: libjs-expect.js
> debian/links:
> usr/lib/nodejs/expect.js/index.js usr/share/javascript/expect.js
> Is it the wrong way to provide both javascript and node module at same 
> time?

libjs-* (but not node-*) code should be minified.

libjs-* (but not node-*) packages should recommend javascript-common.

node-* (but not libjs-*) packages should depend on nodejs.

...so even if code is identical, it seems better to me to ship as 
separate packages.

(I seem to recall that I've made that same Provides: hack, but don't 
recall which package it was - I should fix it there too).

 - Jonas

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