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> As far as I understand uglify 1 and 2 are two different projects.
> Why must the version 2 package replace the version 1 pakage?
> that is not a viable strategy for hard to test javascript code.
> It seems to me it would be simpler to just have two packages.

>From the homepage of UglifyJS (https://github.com/mishoo/UglifyJS):
I started working on UglifyJS's successor, version 2. It's almost a
full rewrite (except for the parser which is heavily modified,
everything else starts from scratch). I've detailed my reasons in the
README, see the project page.


Version 1 will continue to be maintained for fixing show-stopper bugs,
but no new features should be expected.

They share the same namespace so installing both at same time would
raise a package conflict.

In my point of view, and according with manapage, it should be better
go head with v2 and have as more as possible packages compatible with
this version.

As you can see, we have very few packages, at the moment, not
compatible with uglifyjs2:


> Anyhow I don't know much about javascript so I probably need a patch.

Really easy, just remove '-nc' option while calling uglifyjs in

-+ uglifyjs -nc bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js > bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.tmp.js
++ uglifyjs bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js > bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.tmp.js

It is also compatible with uglifyjs v1, so you don't have to wait for
uglifyjs2 in unstable to apply this change.

That's all.



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