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<fsateler> andrewrk: why did you remove the ncp binary?
<andrewrk> fsateler, it clutters up the global bin namespace, and why would
you ever use it instead of plain old cp ?
<andrewrk> it seems common for node module authors to include useless
binaries with their libraries
<andrewrk> another one:
<andrewrk> in the common use case, all node modules are installed locally
to the project. so people are not worried about picking globally unique
binary names. in the above project if you were using it you could do
something like:
<andrewrk> ./node_modules/.bin/errno foo
<andrewrk> while developing. but as node-errno debian package I think it
makes sense to only include the library functionality
<andrewrk> I suppose Jérémy Lal would have an opinion on this

Any other opinions out there?
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