> Quoting David Prévot (2014-07-12 19:13:38)
>> Le 12/07/2014 03:26, Johannes Schauer a écrit :
>>> Would you consider also shipping a minified version of compatibility.js
>>> in the libjs-pdf package?
>> Sure.
> awesome - would you want one only for compatibility.js or also for the
> others while we're at it?

I don’t know: on one hand, there is currently no practical need of a
minified version of something else than compatibility.js, but on the
other,  compatibility.js is really not the biggest JavaScript file
distributed in this package (might even be the smaller).

Some third parties uses run-time (with cache) minification, so don’t
really need provided minified files. It would be nice to have upstream
input on the matter actually.



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