To make sure we're using DFSG stuff, I'm compressing the JS scripts
myself, instead of using pre-minified JS from upstream. Nothing fancy,
I'm sure that's best practice everyone uses here.

However, which compressor should I use? I need my packages to build in
Wheezy, which is why I currently use yui-compressor (which is available
there as well). Though there may be other (better) alternatives which I
didn't spot. I perfectly know that the resulting JS file (after
compressing with yui-compressor) isn't the best possible result.

Note that using Node isn't one of the options I'm considering, because
it's simply too big (though yui-compressor seems to depend on on java,
which isn't great either). Anything in wheezy-backport would be
acceptable too.

Advice welcome!

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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