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> Le samedi 06 septembre 2014 à 12:59 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard a écrit :
>> Quoting Jérémy Lal (2014-09-06 08:07:46)
>>> i just noticed that there was something missing to the gbp repo. 
>> Right - thanks for spotting that.  I've pushed in now, and will 
>> finalize that (old!) release now.
>>> Besides that, will you have time to update it ? It's at 3.4.2 now.
>> Newest node-postgres seems to need these modules missing in Debian:
>>     "buffer-writer": "1.0.0",
>>     "pgpass": "0.0.3",
>>     "packet-reader": "0.2.0",
>>     "pg-connection-string": "0.1.1",
>>     "pg-types": "1.4.0"
>> Help is much appreciated getting those packaged!
> I'm pretty sure i could team up with Leo (if he's available) to get 
> the packages done in the day... but there's an ongoing discussion 
> about bundling modules, so i wonder if it is a good occasion to start 
> one.
> What do you think ?

I am no fan of bundling!

I appreciate the concern for keeping resources tight, but have seen no 
actual measurements as to the damage caused by tracking upstream 
projects individually - and I see a real damage to bundling in that it 
weakens tracking our upstreams (are bundled jQuery plugins up-to-date? 
How to check that - as a developer and as a user?).

Perl team has recently gone _away_ from bundling modules.

...but I still remember when I adviced you to not taking serious the 
complaints about the "node" name - we lost ~3 years on that account :-(

So I guess my advice is to _not_ listen directly to what I think, but 
only take it as inspiration - try distinguish between noise and 
substantial parts from those frowning upon tiny packages.  I agree that 
a package containing essentially a single line of code is insane.

What do anyone in the team think?

 - Jonas

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