On 6 September 2014 16:54, Jérémy Lal <kapo...@melix.org> wrote:
> A couple other packages ? in the devDependencies or in the
> dependencies ?
> https://www.npmjs.org/package/jankyqueue
> lists only one.

Hmm... it was databank-disk, but I haven't planned to package it - I'm
thinking of just jumping straight to databank-redis or
databank-mongodb instead:


(The background being that these are different "drivers" for databank.)

> It looks like some ad-hoc queue that ought to be bundled-as-patch in
> pump.io...
> Even better, let's replace it by an already existing queue module
> available in debian like node-queue-async ! Do you need a hand for doing
> just that ?

So I'd be happy with either of these!  I would definitely welcome a
hand if we end up patching it out.  I think this means that I can wait
until I'm actually preparing the pump.io package itself.

Tim Retout <dioc...@debian.org>

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