Hello again - I think these are the last small packages I'm looking at.

node-gm depends on:

array-parallel: https://github.com/component/array-parallel/blob/master/index.js
array-series: https://github.com/component/array-series/blob/master/index.js
stream-to-buffer - marked as deprecated?
through: https://github.com/dominictarr/through/blob/master/index.js

Now, "through" has >1000 reverse dependencies, and is 109 lines, so I
reckon that one might just make it through the NEW queue?

array-parallel and array-series seem to go together - they are from
the same upstream, and they are used by the same 7 or 8 npm packages.
I wonder if I should just patch them into node-gm, because they are
only ~35 lines each - which works fine until someone wants to package
one of the other reverse deps.  Alternatively, package them together
as nodemodules-array?

That leaves stream-to-buffer (and stream-to).  It is deprecated in
favour of the 59 line stream-to-array, which requires Promise support:

I'm not sure of the best approach here...

Tim Retout <dioc...@debian.org>

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