to solve
#644767: ITP: tilemill -- map design studio
#761328: RFP: python-mpld3 -- a D3 viewer for matplotlib
node-htmlparser2 needs to be packaged:
#761433: RFP: node-htmlparser2 -- fast & forgiving HTML/XML/RSS parser

node-htmlparser2 in turn depends on:
#761437: RFP: node-domelementtype -- all the types of nodes in htmlparser2's dom
#761438: RFP: node-domhandler -- handler for htmlparser2 that turns pages into 
a dom
#761439: RFP: node-domutils -- utilities for working with htmlparser2's dom
#743153: ITP: node-entities -- Encode and decode XML/HTML entities with ease - 
module for Node.js
#761442: RFP: node-readable-stream -- a user-land copy of the stream library 
from Node.js v0.11.x

Question 1:

If I understand correctly, node-dom{elementtype,handler,utils}
don't make sense outside of the scope of node-htmlparser2. All
three are very small (0.5, 5, 12 KiB respectively) and may not
worth separate packages. OTOH, I have no idea how a proper git
packaging flow works with multiple upstream repositories. What
is recommended in such a situation?

Question 2:

node-readable-stream seems to be a code copy of node code, but
with some differences that are not clear to me. I would prefer
to not package it, but node-htmlparser2 seems to depend on it.
Nobody here likes code duplication. Package or not?

TIA for your insights!

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