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Hi valentin,

Adding the Debian Javascript Maintainers list to the loop, hope you wont
mind (better have this stored publicly if needed for further reference,
adding the ITP bug too to make it easier to find). Keeping you CC in
case you’re not (yet) subscribed to the list.

Le 15/09/2014 02:25, valentin OVD a écrit :
> Hi David,
> I'm actually the maintainer of the libjs-twitter-bootstrap 3.x.

That’s surprising: libjs-twitter-bootstrap is orphaned, and Laszlo
Boszormenyi (CCed too), is the owner of the ITP (#704330). Furthermore,
libjs-twitter-bootstrap currently provides version 2.0.2, not 3.x.

> For now, i package all modules used for the building of twitter-bootstrap.
> How do You compile twitter-bootstrap without the use of NPM for download the 
> modules.

The packagirng is available from Git [1] as documented in the NEW
page [2]. Since the upstream build system relies on Grunt, and chances
for it to be ready for Jessie are now close to zero [3], I just mimicked
what has to be done directly in the rules [4] (checking that the
resulting files are similar to the one expected). In order to really be
feature equivalent to upstream, we should provide the map files for CSS,
but that relies on a more recent version of node-less (at least 0.5.0,
published on 2013-10-21) while the Debian package is stuck into version
1.4.2 for over a year. Maybe the node-less maintainer needs help (but
given his recent attitude toward me, I probably cannot be the one who
can give a hand here). I also gave up trying to provide the upstream
documentation [5] for the moment, waiting for Grunt and possibly other
build dependencies to be available in Debian.

1: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-javascript/twitter-bootstrap.git
2: https://ftp-master.debian.org/new/twitter-bootstrap3_3.2.0+dfsg-1.html
3: https://bugs.debian.org/673727

> Also twitter-boostrap Will become 3.x so there Will be two twitter-bootstrap 
> 3.x packages ?

As documented in the RFP [#722935] a year ago, “it's not backward
compatible, so for a while we'll need both versions available in the

        #722935: https://bugs.debian.org/722935

That said, all help is welcome to maintain it, and if version 2 of
twitter-bootstrap is to be updated to version 3 at some point in time,
this twitter-bootstrap3 should be superseded by it IMHO, but please note
that libjs-twitter-bootstrap dependencies should be taken care of before
considering upgrading twitter-bootstrap to version 3, there are almost
twenty of those currently. I believe you don’t intend to upgrade
twitter-bootstrap to version 3 before the freeze (expected in a month
and a half), so that shouldn’t interfere in the close future. Thanks for
reaching me (us) anyway.



P.-S.: As I already imported the twitter-bootstrap history in Git, the
maintainers may be interested to use it for their packaging work (it’s
trivial to use different branches for different packages).
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