Le samedi 20 septembre 2014 à 19:44 +0200, Leo Iannacone a écrit :
> Hi,
> with npm 1.4.21+ds-2 I'm not able to require module installed globally...
> See this:
> $ sudo npm install -g coffee-script

You might consider this a bug - i made this on purpose, so that modules
installed by debian package are the only ones being "globally"

Here are the main reasons:

* npm actually discourages "npm install -g" in favor of
  cd thismodule; npm link
  cd thatmodule; npm link thismodule

* it would allow modules installed by npm to override silently
  modules installed as debian packages.

In any case, such a feature should come as an option,
enabled by installing "npm-integration", like rubygems do.


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