clone 759843 -1
reassign -1 mapnik-vector-tile
found -1 0.5.1+dfsg-1
severity -1 serious
block 759843 by -1
block 761429 by -1

Jérémy Lal wrote:
> Le mardi 23 septembre 2014 à 13:28 +0100, peter green a écrit :
> > This looks like a manifestation of 
> >
> Thank you for bringing this.

No, this is not caused by #761429.  Actually, this blocks the protobuf

The problem is that these header files shipped by mapnik-vector-tile
have unconditional #include's of mapnik3x_compatibility.hpp:

    mapnik-vector-tile: /usr/include/vector_tile_backend_pbf.hpp
    mapnik-vector-tile: /usr/include/vector_tile_datasource.hpp
    mapnik-vector-tile: /usr/include/vector_tile_processor.hpp

mapnik3x_compatibility.hpp is shipped in src:mapnik-vector-tile but is
not installed in the binary:

This doesn't work, of course.  mapnik-vector-tile's reverse build
dependencies are broken because of this (i.e., node-mapnik, #759843).

> Note that i won't lift a finger until mapnik 2.3 is out, which is
> (according to upstream [0]) due to be soon.

Since this blocks an ongoing library transition [0], I would be happy to
NMU mapnik-vector-tile, since the fix is trivial.


Robert Edmonds

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