I have added the "libjs-jquery" maintainers in this bug.

Am 02.10.2014 um 13:01 schrieb Turmann, Berni (FANUC Luxembourg):
there is a problem with the jquery version in otrs package.

No, within the Debian repository :(

Problem Description:
  - In OTRS Process Management some functions are not working, e.g. adding a 
condition or another key (nothing happens when clicking the plus sign) in a 
  - debugging with Firebug shows error "... parseHTML ... is not a function..."

Steps to reproduce:
  - install otrs package with all dependencies
  - logon to web interface with admin permissions, e.g. root@localhost
  - goto Admin - Process Management and create a new process
  - create a new transition and click on the plus sign or on the button to create 
a new condition => nothing happens

Root Cause:
  - jquery version 1.7 in Debian package repository is too old
(upstream delivers jquery version 1.10 in folder .../js/thirdparty/... , but 
this is removed and symlinked to the debian jquery package)

@jquery maintainers:
Will you update the packaging to a more recent version  for jessie?

Anyway I think it is better not to use the version shipped by Debian..

  - Download the original OTRS tar file matching the same version as installed 
from Debian repository
  - Extract files to a temporary folder
  - copy extracted folder .../js/thirdparty/jquery-1.10.0 to 
  - rename or delete existing jquery symlink which is pointing to 
  - create new jquery symlink and point it to directory jquery-1.10.0

Proposed Solution:
  - Debian package of jquery needs to be updated to a later version
  - deliver matching jquery version

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