Hi Jeremy and team,

2014-10-04 22:26 GMT+02:00 Emilien Klein <emilien+deb...@klein.st>:
> Hi Jeremy and team,
> 2014-09-27 14:34 GMT+02:00 Emilien Klein <emilien+deb...@klein.st>:
>> Hi Jeremy and team,
>> 2014-09-09 22:54 GMT+02:00 Jérémy Lal <kapo...@melix.org>:
>>> Hi,
>>> * first you need to learn how to properly repackage an upstream tarball,
>>> because the "good" way is so easy and fun !
>>> Just add a Files-Excluded section in debian/copyright as explained in
>>> https://wiki.debian.org/UscanEnhancements
>>> then run
>>> uscan --force-download
>>> and voilà - a nice repackaged tarball.
>>> Then it's only a matter of renaming it (sometimes it doesn't add +dfsg
>>> to the upstream version in the tarball file name), and
>>> git-import-orig ../thattarball_1.2.3+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
>> Yes, that is indeed much cleaner.
>> As part of my involvement with the Debian Med team, Andreas Tille has
>> made me aware of this nice mechanism (Andreas pushed for this, see
>> #685787).
>> Since the 1.9.3 version is already in the git repo, it doesn't make
>> much sense to modify this now, but I will transition to Files-Excluded
>> when the next upstream version is released. That will also allow to
>> remove d/download_repackage_dfsg.sh
>>> * do not call uupdate in uscan, it gets in the way of git-buildpackage
>> Done.
>>> * note that directly modifying upstream files manually in a
>>> git-buildpackage-maintained repository is NOT a good idea.
>>> You're supposed to modify only debian/ dir, and use git-import-orig for
>>> anything else.
>> There are several branches in this git repo:
>> * upstream: the unmodified upstream files, containing e.g. the
>> minified js files that get removed in the DFSG-ing process
>> * pristine-tar: used to keep the deltas from generated by pristine-tar
>> * dfsg_clean: that gets refreshed to the latest upstream version from
>> the upstream branch, and then the non-DFSG-approved files get removed.
>> After that action, the branch is in the same state as Files-Excluded
>> would bring it to, if it was already being used (upstream files, no
>> non-DFSG files, no /debian directory)
>> * master: that's where the package is build from. It is the content of
>> dfsg_clean, and contains the debian repository.
>> The changes to the debian source package are only performed in the
>> master branch.
>> Do you have concerns with that for now (until the next release and the
>> move to Files-Excluded, which will result in loosing the actual
>> untouched upstream content)?
>>> * debian/README.source is interesting... but anything inside it is
>>> already documented on wiki.debian.org or other manuals. Switching to
>>> Files-Excluded and uscan allows you to get rid of that file.
>> As this package doesn't get updated often, I like to keep the full
>> instructions in a local text file (it's a reminder to my future self,
>> to allow for reproducible builds).
>> The one time I felt smart enough to not look at it before packaging
>> the new version from a new development machine, I forgot to checkout
>> the non-master branches, which resulted in conflicts when pushing
>> upstream. That forced me to create a new repo on our Git server, as I
>> mentioned in [0].
>> I will leave this file for now, and will update it when switching to
>> Files-Excluded.
>> [0] 
>> http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-javascript-devel/2014-February/007044.html
>>> * debian/README.Debian: you should remove everything that is already in
>>> README.textile. You should mention javascript-common.
>> Done.
>>> * debian/control: recommend javascript-common,
>>>   see https://wiki.debian.org/Javascript/Policy
>> Done (used to be a Suggest, not sure why I removed it in commit 2f93988b)
>>> * debian/download_repackage_dfsg.sh: no longer needed
>> Agreed.
>> See above, will be removed when the next upstream version is released.
>>> * debian/rules: README.textile is not a changelog,
>>>  simply add debian/docs containing "README.textile"
>> 70.5% of the lines (86 of 122) are changelog information, hence my
>> call to override_dh_installchangelogs.
>> But I've changed that and marked it as purely a doc.
>>> * debian/patches: please use DEP3 patch format. Example:
>>> http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/nodejs.git/tree/debian/patches/1005_restore_sh_javascript_nonminified.patch
>> Done. Thanks for pointing that out, I was familiar with adding a
>> description using `dquilt header -e`, but wasn't familiar about DEP-3
>> itself.
>> I've also addressed the new Lintian warning
>> W: jquery-lazyload source: space-in-std-shortname-in-dep5-copyright
>> cc-by 3.0 (paragraph at line 49)
>>> Thank you for your contribution to Debian !
>> Thanks for your review.
>> I've pushed my changes to pkg-javascript/jquery-lazyload.git on
>> Alioth. Let me know if there is anything else you'd like adapted.
> Are you OK with my updates?
> The one topic that I'm keeping for the next version is transitioning
> to Files-Excluded, the rest has been addressed.

Please let me know what your thoughts are.

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