package libjs-autonumeric
retitle 773072 libjs-autonumeric: Please install upstream documentation
severity 773072 wishlist

On 13-Dec-2014, Adam Majer wrote:

> Please, include the documentation in the javascript package - it's
> on the upstream website as It would be nice if you
> provided those examples on their website too.

In which case, the severity of this bug report is “wishlist”. I'm
changing the severity accordingly.

> PS. I've set priority as important on purpose. Without
> documentation, this library is difficult to use - you have to read
> the source code to know what it is trying to do.

The usability of the package is not affected by the absence of the
documentation *on Debian*, since it can just as easily be used by
getting the documentation from elsewhere.

The severity levels have definitions in Debian. For “important”, the
package needs to be significantly impacted for its usability as is.
This clearly does not cover “lacks documentation”.

This report is valid, but it is “wishlist” severity.

> If other javascript packages lack basic documentation, please add it
> to them too!

Please report “wishlist”-severity bugs against each of those packages
separately. They do not affect this bug report, which applies only to
a single package.

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