Quoting Arto Jantunen (2015-03-10 12:32:09)
> Some developers here were requesting an update to coffeescript 1.9.1, 
> I went looking for a packaged version and found out that it has 
> already been merged in your team's git repo. I tried building this, 
> but it doesn't quite work as is. Attached below are two patches that 
> allow the package to build successfully.

Ah, wonderful!  When the build failed I suspected I needed to fix 
something in node-underscore, and from your patches I can see that I 
simply made the silly error of including the wrong package.  Nice!

> Sadly even with these applied the package doesn't work, failing with 
> the following traceback:
> /usr/bin/coffee 
> module.js:340
>     throw err;
>           ^
> Error: Cannot find module '../../bin/coffee'
> Apparently something goes wrong with the search path when looking for 
> the modules, but my understanding of the node module system is 
> somewhat limited. I'd greatly appreciate any help with solving this.

That should be easy to catch (and thanks for saving me a roundtrip!).  
Issue is that Nodejs modules are assumed to be installed in the home 
directory - system-wide path is a Debian "speciality".  So any time a 
module walks the file system to get to other modules, we need to patch 
it to walk differently.

 - Jonas

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