2015-06-27 15:24 GMT+02:00 Leo Iannacone <l...@ubuntu.com>:

> On 26 June 2015 at 22:57, Thorsten Alteholz <alteh...@debian.org> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Bas,
> >
> >>> I'm reluctantly looking into this issue further, but I need to know
> what
> >>> requirements an Node.js module must meet to be eligible for its own
> >>> source package.
> >>>
> >>> What are your requirements for this?
> >
> >
> > from my point of view only the size of the binary package (excluding
> /usr/share/doc and other meta information) is important. So the 120 bytes
> of node-isarry is far too little. Up to this point I draw the line at about
> 5kB.
> >
> >   Thorsten
> Packaging nodejs module has become a nightmare. We should start
> working on bundling the whole node_modules directory per deb package.
> That's all.

May i insist that this must not be a general or systematic practice.
Doing so should trigger some lintian info tags at minimum.

However it makes sense to not distribute separately a bunch of submodules
that are strongly related to the software that needs them, and in addition
are not used in other debian packages, especially if they contain a few
lines of
code !

Currently the approach we have is adding those modules as patches, and
this is not a good way to do it - not easy to do, to maintain, and is

It'd be nice to agree on a method for building the source tarball with the
chosen by the maintainer.
The list of modules and their versions must be kept somewhere:
- in debian/watch along with a uupdate-like script to deal with building
- in debian/source/something
- in debian/copyright ?

and toolchain must allow downloading/rebuilding source tarball using
so that Files-Excluded stays effective.

Please comment.

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