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> Ben Finney <ben+deb...@benfinney.id.au> writes:
>> What are the proposals to package small libraries of JavaScript code?
> Looking through the archive, I get the impression that one approach which
> could work is to collect multiple separate works by some related theme,
> and distribute some smaller number of larger, aggregate binary packages.
> Examples include the packages ‘emacs-goodies-el’ and ‘devscripts’: these
> pacakges don't go to special effort to integrate the code, they just
> bundle them together for ease of packaging and maintenance.
> Would that be feasible for small JavaScript libraries? Surely many of
> them can be grouped together by some common theme, and maintained as
> aggregate Debian packages.

This is the most obvious approach. It was also discussed in the 'Small
Node.js packages in NEW' thread:


One significant downside to bundling small Node.js packages is that an
RC bug on one of the included modules threatens removal of all unrelated
reverse dependencies too.

There is also missing infrastructure to keep track of multiple upstreams
in a single package. Some wrapper around uscan with multiple watch files
and/or some server side helper will be needed for this. While it's
something I could work on, I don't have the time nor motivation for it.

Have a look at the 'OpenLayers 3' thread for all the Node.js packages
that need someone else to take care of them:


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