Good news!

This bug regarding npm's bash completion script clobbering
$COMP_WORDBREAKS has been fixed and committed upstream.  According to
Forrest L Norvell (@othiym23)
replying to the the corresponding upstream GitHub issue #4530 "Shell
completion script breaks bash's environment variable assignment
filesystem path completion"[1]:

    There is a fix landed to the completion script in d7271b8 [2]
    – the lib/utils/ included in the tree at that
    version (which will be part of the next npm@2 release,
    coming out later tonight as npm@next) fixes this issue.

The fix has been pushed to the @latest npm@2.13.5,
which can be fetched by a simple "npm install npm".

Please consider upgrading to 2.13.5 (See also Bug#794890),
or at least fetch the lib/utils/ therein and
put it in Debian's current npm-1.4.21.


Many thanks!


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