Add one of the regular contributors to Mottie’s branch of TableSorter and I 
tell you that keep compete with the original is something we work very hard at. 
 and we are pretty sure that we have done that over the years.

We have contacted Christian (the original author) a few times over the years to 
combine or even accept our changes but we have had very little to no response 
form him and there has be no level on that branch for a very long time.

As you can see from Mottie’s branch we are very active and fix bugs very fast.  
I can not say with 100% certainty that it won’t break anything at all but I’m 
pretty sure it won’t break any more then a normal upgrade would since it’s 
based on the original work from Christian.  We are currently working on a 3rd 
version, it will get a new name and it’s a full rewrite that version will break 
compete but since we can not seem to cooperate with Christian on the original 
it just seems like a good ideas after all these years for trying.

I hope this helps with the decision and I hope to see it in debian.

As an alternative we could also add it in as an addition to the original. maybe 
in /usr/share/javascript/jquery-tablesorter-mottie/ then both versions would 
exist and allow for other maintainers to migrate at their own pace.  An even 
more complex version with be to move the current one into 
/usr/share/javascript/jquery-tablesorter-original, and add a symlink to 
/usr/share/javascript/jquery-tablesorter so that we can replace the symlink to 
use hotties and once everyone is migrated we could move it there and drop the 
original.  These are all just alternative suggestions of course and 
update-alternatives could be used to properly control it as well.

Hope this helps and feel free to contact me with any questions on this branch 
or tablesorter.
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