Le 23/10/2015 04:22, Jonas Smedegaard a écrit :
> Quoting David Prévot (2015-10-23 04:20:12)

>>> Package: node-less

>> Now that sourcemap support has been added, and is properly documented 
>> in the man page, it would be nice to make it usable, e.g. by adding a 
>> dependency on node-source-map (thank you Jonas for the hint [0]).
>>         0: https://bugs.debian.org/802527#10
> It _is_ usable: It is declared as a recommendation (since it is not a 
> crucial feature needed in all situations).

No, it is not even suggested.

Now, a (used to be missing) feature that used to be silently ignored
triggers an error.

> Closing this as a non-bug.

Feel free to reopen it since node-source-map is nowhere in the
dependency chain of node-

> (please note that closing the bug does not imply closing the discussion 

Sounds a bit like it, so I’ll stop after that message.



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