2015-11-02 6:01 GMT+01:00 Joseph Huttner <jhutt...@appnexus.com>:

> Hello Jérémy,
> Thank you first of all for your great work packaging NodeJS for Ubuntu!
> I was wondering, is there a recommended way to get 'npm' installed in the
> build?  I tried uncommenting the --without-npm, and adding the npm files to
> ./deps/npm, but this seems to have no effect.  I am using the sources found
> here:
> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nodejs/4.2.1~dfsg-2
> Let me know if there is a place you'd prefer me to ask this question
> instead of over email.


(cc pkg-javascript-de...@lists.debian.org)

As you can see in debian/copyright, deps/npm/* files are removed from
nodejs tarball. That's because installing from deps/npm is not the debian
of distributing software in debian - instead of distributing bundled
software is packaged and distributed independently when possible. There
be exceptions or subtler arrangements, but i don't believe it is the case

If, for any reason, you need to include it back, you will have to:

* remove deps/npm/* from Files-Exclude in debian/copyright,
* run again mk-origtargz, use the new tarball as the new source,
* run a build, compare debian/copyright_hints to debian/copyright_newhints
  to help you not forgetting something when updating debian/copyright
  to cover the new files
* flag in debian/rules
* install...
* identify your version (4.2.1~dfsg+npm-2)

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