Sorry - dropping the bug and Antoine was unintentional, so forwarding my
reply to javascript list. Also not sure if Bas is still readiing
Javascript list (so cc'd).

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Subject: Re: [Pkg-javascript-devel] Bug#742347: Bug#742347: tilemill vs
mapbox studio?
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2015 15:57:58 +0100
From: Ross Gammon <>

On 11/05/2015 05:11 PM, Jérémy Lal wrote:
> 2015-11-05 17:04 GMT+01:00 Bas Couwenberg <
> <>>:
>     On 2015-11-05 16:59, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
>         On 2015-11-05 09:52:19, Bas Couwenberg wrote:
>             The openstreetmap-carto developers have mostly switched to
>             kosmtic:
>         is that a fork of tilemill? how does it differ?
>     It's not a fork. It's not a Mapbox project.
>         maybe a new ITP should be opened for this then?
>     It's still alpha, but shows much more promise than mapbox-studio as
>     an alternative to tilemill.
>     If you want to spend time packaging an alternative for tilemill, I
>     think kosmtik is your best option.
> Indeed it looks like an alternative to tilemill.
> Mapbox studio classic is not really as good, and to be released mapbox
> studio (but i don't know when)
> is very promising.

Every now and then I try running tilemill from the github source tree to
see if it is close to something that could be packaged. But I didn't
have success the last couple of times. There is certainly no sniff of a
coming release. It is a shame considering all of the hard work Dave put
in to package all the dependencies.

Not knowing about kosmtk, I started working on mapbox (the one released
in npm):
Feel free to grab one of the dependencies to package if you are looking
for work.

But kosmtik certainly looks like it would be a much quicker win, and a
better place to start:
$ npm2deb depends kosmtik
NPM                                               Debian
kosmtik (0.0.12)                                  None
├─ carto (^0.15.2)                                node-carto (0.9.5-2)
├─ generic-pool (^2.2.0)                          node-generic-pool
├─ js-yaml (^3.4.2)                               None
├─ json-localizer (0.0.3)                         None
├─ leaflet (^0.7.3)                               None
├─ leaflet-formbuilder (^0.2.0)                   None
├─ leaflet-hash (^0.2.1)                          None
├─ mapnik (^3.4.7)                                node-mapnik
├─ nomnom (^1.8.1)                                None
├─ npm (^3.3.5)                                   None
├─ request (^2.64.0)                              node-request
└─ semver (^5.0.3)                                node-semver (2.1.0-2)

Build dependencies:
NPM                                               Debian
mocha (^2.2.5)                                    node-mocha (1.20.1-1)

I will do an ITP & create a task page over the weekend. But please jump
in when/if any of you like. My current work rate is not very high (one
package every other day).



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