2015-12-09 10:02 GMT+01:00 Peter Green <plugw...@debian.org>:

>> i'm working on updating libv8 to 3.28 (see collab-maint), and
>> unfortunately
>> this patch
>> isn't obvious at all to adapt to that new version.
> Where exactly should I be looking? When I look at
> https://alioth.debian.org/scm/browser.php?group_id=30755 I see a tag for
> upstream 3.28 but no tags or heads for debian packaging of 3.28.

Hello !

I stopped updating v8 for a while, waiting to see which version was going
to be used
for nodejs Long Term Support (4.2.x) branch, which embeds v8 4.5.
Now i think the simplest thing to do is to take advantage of the LTS of
to distribute that version of v8, to avoid a non-upstream-maintained
version in debian.

Is there something else raspbian need besides arm fpu/cpu config ?
If not, next nodejs (4.2 or even 5.2) upload should build and run fine.
(not the current one because of the wrong -mfpu=vfpv2 option), and
next month i'll upload libv8-4.5.

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